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Information about Travel tips Tanzania are tips about health, weather, how to get cheap hotels, how to book cheap flights, how to get budget travel packages, how to tip porters and guides, security and safety and more general travel tips

Tanzania investment opportunities, jobs and vacancies

Tanzania is located in Africa between longitude, 29 degrees and 41 degrees east and latitude 1 degree and 12 degrees south.

Tanzania has a size of about 945087 sq km.
Tanzania is a country in East Africa in the north bordered by Uganda and Kenya, In the west Tanzania bordered to Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique to the south while in Eastern side is bordered to Indian Ocean
The United Republic of Tanzania.

Tanzania Investment opportunities include Tourism, Hotel investments, Agriculture, electricity generation, gas producing, employment, jobs, vacancies, travel agency, Education and travel.
Outdoor Trips and Outdoor recreation or outdoor activity is leisure travel engaged in outside, especially in natural or semi-natural settings out of town.

Some of Outdoor activities are adventure horse riding, camping safari, bicycling, camping outdoor, canoeing, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, hiking, mountaineering, trekking, camel safaris, wildlife tours, photography, Adventure tours, rock climbing.
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National parks

National park is a protected are whereby natural resources are protected from overuse and conserved for future generations. Natural resources include Forest, rivers, mountains and wildlife habitats.

Tanzania national parks are a home to diversity of wildlife species and flora and even cultural complexity in Africa.

Tanzania has several National parks reaching up to 15 in number and may increase sometime in future, it depends country conservation policies.
Among All National parks, some are recognized as world heritage by UNESCO such as Mount Kilimanjaro and Serengeti.

Some of things to do on Outdoor travel in Mount Kilimanjaro are sight seeing tours to visit natural waterfalls, visit volcanic lakes, wildlife tours on shira route and volcano tours.
In Serengeti National park, when you plan outdoor trip things to do are wildlife viewing especially wildebeest migration.

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