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Buses from Mombasa to Arusha and Budget safari Tours Tanzania

Advise on how to travel conveniently from Arusha to National parks

How to get to Arusha:

Arusha is near to Kilimanjaro International airport, JRO located about 45km. Within Arusha, there is Airport which serves local flights.
Arusha is near to nearby country Kenya and hence buses from Kenya reach Tanzania through Namanga Board from Nairobi city and Holili Boarder from Mombasa. Note that there are more International Airlines from Overseas which arrives in Kenya at Moi International Airport Mombasa and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and hence these tourist need to get to Tanzania.

Transport from Mombasa to Arusha and Moshi is through Buses like Simba Royal Coach, Tahmeed and Taqwa. Some travelers start their East Africa holiday in Mombasa and then to Tanzania for wildlife safaris and climbing Kilimanjaro. Mombasa beach is one of famous beach in East Africa and it is ideal for vacation holidays and leisure tours. Buses from Mombasa to Moshi and Arusha arrive early and are convenient.

In Moshi and Arusha there are Tanzania tours organized like Kilimanjaro trekking and wildlife safaris. A budget travel safari package means low cost wildlife safari tour. Low cost does not compromise quality; it just means using money economically. There are several ways to save money and travel responsibly to ecotourism hotspots and overnight in EcoLodges. Low cost is cheap travel deals on climbing Kilimanjaro and camping safaris. Budget camping safaris and backpacker lodge safaris are cheap safari options.

Arusha Travel Agents and Tour Operators in Tanzania organize climbing mount Kilimanjaro trips and wildlife safari tours, contact KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS LTD for free information.


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Adventure kilimanjaro climbing and wildlife safaris first Aid kits in Arusha Tanzania

Travel tips for first aid kit in Arusha Tanzania.

First Aid kits are available for different tourism options like general travel first aid kit, trekking first aid kit, Camping first aid kit, mountain climbing first aid kit and wildlife safaris first aid kit. Mount Kilimanjaro climbing guides and Meru guides are well trained on how to take care of tourists.

These first Aid kits are available at some pharmacy shops in Arusha which are equipped for travel kits. Diamox, paracemol, panadol,bandage and other tools are available for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing trips and camping safaris Tanzania. For that family which travels with children, Children products are available so that your child is busy and happy during whole holiday time.

Climbing gears are support items for comfort kilimanjaro trekking. Kilimanjaro climbing gears needed include walking sticks, warm pants, warm jacket, gloves, soksi,mountain boots, mud gaiter, hat, head torch, sleeping bag e.t.c

Most climbing mount kilimanjaro outfitters have store with climbing gears for rent.
KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS Co.Ltd - rental store for all necessary hiking gears.

Travel tips and tourism reviews in Arusha Tanzania are about African Safaris bookings, climbing gears, mountain climbing trips, Tanzania vacation holidays, cheap hotels, Kilimanjaro treks, Tanzania lodge safaris, wildlife safaris, camping safaris, best tour operators, Arusha travel agency, budget travel deals, wildlife safari packages, kilimanjaro climbing routes, tanzania safari itineraries, budget camping safaris, budget travel, travel deals and tours. Wildlife safaris Tanzania need first aid kit for safety and comfort. Example during Tanzania wildlife safari tour,insect repellent is needed, remember that wildlife viewing tours is conducted in a bush where mosquitoes and other insects are present.



Free information, ask for price quotes for any travel deal or safari itinerary you have. Reputable Tour Operator with License and past clients references will take care of you.

Mountain bike,biking tours, cycle holidays and mountaineering are activities which can be done in Tanzania at slopes of Mount kilimanjaro and great rift valley. Tanzania Tours include wildlife safaris,biking tours, kilimanjaro trekking adventures, mountaineering,walking safaris and Mount meru climbing.

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Rent Houses in Arusha, Houses for rent in Tanzania

Houses for rent in Arusha, rent houses, villa, bungalows in Tanzania.

Rent a House for residential purpose or Office or NGO running. We have list of Houses for rent for any purpose like Family home, residential house, Office  House, Tour Company Office.

House for rent in Olerien Mwanama Arusha is top class house for rent. This house suits all uses like NGO office, residential House, Family house and Travel Company Office. The house has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, verander, balcony and big garden.

Eco House for rent in Arusha is located at Olerien Arusha Tanzania.

House to let are available in all locations of Arusha like Njiro, Njiro AGM, Njiro PPF, Themi Njiro, Sakina and uzunguni old Moshi road (areas of Kibo Palace, East Africa hotel suites, Gymkhana and more).

4 houses for rent are available in AGM PPF, 2 houses to let are available in Nane Nane Area and Two houses for rent available at Njiro Container.

2 Houses for rent available in Njiro TEMDO after Njiro Complex.

4 Houses for rent are available in Sakina area from Corner of triple A at Arusha Technical- Regional Air, House for rent near Sakina Supermarket, Arusha House for rent in Sakina at Silent inn, Arusha House for rent at Raskazone and House for rent at Arusha meat.

Contacts for house rent in Arusha +255784559111

Rent House in Arusha Tanzania:

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Travel tips Tanzania Arusha city and wildlife safaris promotions

Arusha city wildlife safari trips promotion and Travel tips

Travel tips are useful information provided to tourists when planning vacation holidays. Travel tips are all tips and travel information on all safety precautions,health travel tips, travel places, directory, search engines,travel guides and tour promotions.
Travel tips and photos from all over the world

Arusha city is a big tourist city in Northern Tanzania. Tours to national parks like Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater begin in Arusha. So travelers have to book their wildlife safari and arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport, JRO and transfer to Arusha for meals and overnight at the tourist hotels. Cheap flight tickets are offered by Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways, how ever travelers can also book cheap flight tickets from Travel Agents like SATGURU. Cheap car hire for Airport transfers are organized by KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS LTD.

KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS LTD offers wildlife safari trips, camping safaris, luxury tented camp safaris, budget camping safaris and lodge safaris. Tanzania safari itineraries are well planned and help you understand which game parks to visit. Browse and choose Tanzania wildlife safari itineraries and inquire for price quotes.

In Arusha city, mountain climbing adventures are also organized. Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions, Mount Meru climbing and Oldonyo lengai trekking are planned and organized smoothly. Budget travel deals and bargain climbing mount kilimanjaro packages are available.

Book kilimanjaro climb tour through machame route and enjoy adventure with professional mountain climbing guides.

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Travel guides include books like Kilimanjaro books, Mount Kilimanjaro Maps, Serengeti Books, Wildlife species books, Bird species books, Serengeti Maps and Tanzania Tourism Maps. All these Books are available on request. Send email to ask for books and advice on planning wildlife safari tours, kilimanjaro trekking plans and more.

Free information is available for Safari lodge room prices, Price cost for Kilimanjaro climbing package is available. You can also ask for list of quality and Licensed Tour Operators and Travel Agents. Send email now, ask now.


Travel directories, search engines, travel guides and tour promotions contain information about cheap hotels, budget tourist hotels, safari lodges, sightseeing tours, travel guides and discount tours. Tour Directory and Travel guides are sources of information for budget camping safaris, cheap wildlife safari packages, kilimanjaro climb trips, kilimanjaro climbing routes information, list of hotels, location of safari lodges and adventure.

Arusha is a safari city in northern Tanzania and has historical value because it is considered as Mid way between Cairo and South Africa Cape town. In Arusha there are many tourist hotels, Tour Operators and Lodges. There are Budget hotels, backpacking hotels (1 and 2 stars),mid range hotels (3 stars)and luxury hotels (4 and 5 stars.

Tour Operators in Arusha organize wildlife safaris in Tanzania, offers climbing mount kilimanjaro trips, Mount meru climbing, Oldonyo lengai trekking, Walking safaris, bird watching, photographic safaris, camping safaris, luxury tented camping safaris and budget camping safaris.

Cultural tourism is a way to learn and experience local people lifestyle. There are several cultural tourism programmes which show you history of Maasai tribes, Meru tribes, chagga tribes and more.

Mt. Meru Curios & Crafts market is a famous maasai market in Arusha tourist city. It is located 200m from the Arusha clock tower and Arusha Hotel. The Maasai Market has rich assortment of bead embroidery depicting the maasai cultural heritage. The Market has curios, crafts, paintings and antiques.

More information and Arusha city tour, inquire now: