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Mombasa travel to Moshi by Luxury Bus to climb Kilimanjaro, Modern coast luxury tourist bus, tips

Now it is easier, comfort for tourists to travel between Mombasa Kenya for beach holidays and Moshi Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Modern Coast Express Ltd is a luxury coach company operating within Kenya, Tanzania etc. Travel tips to help plan beach holiday in Mombasa Kenya and trek Kilimanjaro as well is provided.Modern Coast is the only luxury coach company in East Africa to provide both first class and business class service on board. The first class seats are of much bigger dimensions compared to the business class seats.Advantages of bus voyage between country to country and city to city is sightseeing tours of beautiful places.

Travel marketplace for African safaris and adventure leisure tours

Bus travel is suitable for backpackers and people who like sightseeing tours across the jungle. Tourists want to avoid jet lag and want to travel by bus with enough leg room, entertainment and Friendly customer care. Buses leave Mombasa at 06.00 am and travel across villages and jungle wilderness via Voi,Taveta, Holili to Arusha via Moshi. Moshi is a base camp for one stop night before begin trekking Kilimanjaro. Hotels in Moshi vary in room rates depending on class of Hotel. Hotels vary from backpackers, standard middle way hotel to luxury hotels. Backpacker hotel room rates are 15 - 20 US $ per person, Middle way standard room rate hotel vary from 25 to 40 US $ per person, while luxury Hotels in Moshi hotel prices are from 50 to 90 US $ per person, all rates are on B/B. Some hotels in Moshi have Mount Kilimanjaro view from veranda or room,Some hotels have both Mount Kilimanjaro view and Swimming pool.When you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro successful, there is point of how to acclimatize travel tips.Waterfall day tours and hiking hills in a day trips helps tourists to acclimatize before begin trekking.

Travel tips and tourism information is provided by KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS Co. Ltd, organizes bus ticket bookings, Tanzania safari bookings advise, helicopter scenic flights Kilimanjaro tours, Camel safaris Arusha, Horse riding, Kayak trips, River rafting, Southern circuit safaris, budget safaris Tanzania, walking safaris, volcano tours, rock climb, Selous game reserve safaris, cheap flights booking advise, KLM Royal Dutch airlines airport transfers, Turkish Airlines arrival Airport transfers, car hire Arusha, 4 x 4 safari car rental, cheap car hire Tanzania and wildlife safaris game drives Tanzania.

Arusha is a safari city and most wildlife safaris begin here.Upon Modern bus arrives in Arusha,your host Travel Company - Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd will take you to your best choice hotels for 1st night in Arusha B/B. Hotels rates and room price vary as per above explained in Moshi town.

Contacts and communication is as follows:

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Safari booking Tanzania Travel tips and Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro tours reservation reviews

Travel reviews are part of travel tips needed for safari booking Tanzania and reservation of Kilimanjaro climb Tours.

African safari tour offers Tanzania at

TripAdvisor reviews are among most referral trip reports used by Tourists to Book Kilimanjaro trips trekking to summit and wildlife safaris. I believe most tourists know TripAdvisor. One of Natural Wonder Africa destination is Mount Kilimanjaro and TripAdvisor provides travel tips and recommends suitable DMC or Tour Operator to arrange your tours. Below is one of some travelers review about Mount Kilimanjaro trip booking and Climbing Outfitter guides recommended.

Climbing Kilimanjaro with Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Guides..learn more

Great Experience trekking Kilimanjaro, recommended Kilimanjaro Tanzanite....

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd is Licensed Tour Operator and DMC in Tanzania which some of its objective are Tourism promotion, wildlife conservation, travel tips and DMC travel services in Tanzania. According to its services and daily routine, it has managed to offer many trips to several tourists and worked with several Travel Agents from worldwide like USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Thailand, Indonesia and China. Here are some references and testimony from Past clients who have arranged tours with Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd....Tourist testimony references...

Communications and how to book safari, Contacts below:


Skype: k.tanzanitesafaris

Find trip Info is a worldwide travel marketplace to get vacation trips information and relevant travel tips. Find Trips info helps tourists and holiday goers to get right information for planning vacation holidays. One of top World destination well presented at Find Trips info travel market place is Mount Kilimanjaro destination. Travel tips about Mount Kilimanjaro nature, formation, volcano, Kilimanjaro routes, weather, how to book, acclimatization, hiking gears, guide Technics, guides experience, Kilimanjaro guides knowledge, Safety trekking Kilimanjaro travel tips, success climbing Kilimanjaro travel tips, Forest, wildlife and Guide books. Learn more and read from Find Trips Info

Further information about Mount Kilimanjaro is about Nature forest, wildlife, success climbing and climatic zones

Safari review and trip reports on Safari booking Tanzania is helpful to get suitable safari itineraries and affordable wildlife travel packages.

Read safari reviews from Tourists who have done safari in Tanzania recently and past years

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Solar Eclipse is Natural Geographic event which occur on Safari county of East Africa 01 September, 2016, ask for travel tips

Solar Eclipse occur in Tanzania on 01 September, 2016. Tanzania is a safari country in East Africa.

Solar eclipse seen very well at Rujewa, Mbarala in Mbeya. Solar eclipse is nature geographic event and travel reasons.

Many tourists do vacation trips to Tanzania, but Solar eclipse attracted more visitors.

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd is a DMC local Tour Operator in Tanzania, provides Tanzania safari booking, Kilimanjaro tours reservations, culture travel, leisure tours, and beach holidays.

Joining groups for Kilimanjaro tours and wildlife safaris are organized by professional safari experts. Last minute booking trips include Machame route Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions, Rongai route Kilimanjaro climb adventures and Lemosho route.

Inquire now, Email:

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Natural geographic pictures and Tanzania safari photos are available at Instagram: #TravelTanzaniaSafaris

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Moshi tourist town vacation rental luxury apartments and houses for sale Arusha, selling houses

Selling houses in Tanzania, luxury apartments for rent Moshi Tanzania.For all needs of real estate properties such as houses for sale and apartments for rent, contact Real Estates Marketing Agency.


Mobile phone: +255784559111

3 bedroom house for sale in Tanzania, Real Estate Tanzania selling houses in East Africa. This is beautiful house for sale in Sakina Arusha Tanzania.

Great 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom property in Sakina, built in 2012. Plot measures app. 700 sqm and comes with a nice garden and staff quarters. Has wide and big Kitchen with pantry. Has big car park and large green lawn garden for you and Family.

The house is bright and welcoming with an open plan. The property is sold fully furnished with kitchen appliances including cooker, oven, microwave, fridge, freezer and washing machine.

DSTV satellite dish. Municipal water + 7 000 liters water tanks + harvesting. Tanesco power with luku meter, stabilizer 5Kwa and back-up generator.
Parking for 4 cars. Security with wall, barbwire and CCTV cameras (that run 24/24 on solar power). The property comes with a clean title deed.
Nice and quiet place, on the heights of Sakina, view on Mt Meru.

Luxury apartments for rent in Tanzania Moshi Tanzania. Vacation rental holidays in Moshi and Arusha. Travel with Family for vacation holiday or just business travel< find nice place to stay. Services include Swimming pool, Free WIFI, modern kitchen, large modern sitting room and veranda. Luxury apartments for rent in Moshi have nice Kilimanjaro view, see natural forest and Snow.You can make Moshi city sightseeing tours and visit Waterfalls at slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tourists and accommodation include cheap hostels and hotels booking Moshi.

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Nunua Gari Japan, BEFORWARD JAPAN - Nunua gari mpya au iliyotumika na upate discount hapo hapo

Magari mazuri sana kutoka Japan moja kwa moja yanauzwa katika website ya BEFORWARD JAPAN

Agiza gari na upate punguzo la bei ya gari, nunua gari kwa urahisi

Nunua Gari kutoka Beforward Japan na upate discount, Gari Mpya au gari iliyotumika.

Buy Car from Japan through Beforward Company Japan and get discount, New or used car

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First of all, enter to Beforward website, choose your car make and model, choose country and city and during payment, there is place to enter promotional discount Code, now enter DISCOUNT CODE - Introduced by a BF SUPPORTER? ....enter 95010

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Discount Airfares, travel tips booking cheap flights, Book cheap flight tickets China to Tanzania via Mauritius

Cheap flight tickets are not only available from Tanzania to China only, but from Tanzania to Whole Asia. Travel tips about discount Airfares and cheap flight tickets travel tips are provided.

Machame route Kilimanjaro climbing travel deal at

For Tanzania travel tips and safari booking, Contact us


Skype: k.tanzanitesafaris

Cheap flight tickets from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia to Tanzania via Mauritius is provided by Air Mauritius. Discount Airfares are promotional travel deals provided by Air Mauritius to cover some destination in certain time. Discover discount Airfares and cheap flight tickets from Air Mauritius...

Hotel reservations and car hire are another basic important needs for travel. Car hire is needed for Airport transfers, sightseeing tours, wildlife safaris 4 x 4 game drives and town run trips. When you fly to new destination, car rental is important for Airport transfers. Destinations you fly have several accommodations like Lodges and Hotels. Hotels are accommodation within city or town premises, while Lodges are accommodation located on outskirts near city or towns. Hotel reviews and rates helps tourists find and book suitable Hotel. TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet are travel review website which can advise and recommends better hotels. Travel reviews at TripAdvisor and Lonely planet have best travel tips for booking Tanzania safaris and vacation trips Kilimanjaro climbing.

Tanzania safari uses 4 x 4 Landcruiser for wildlife tours.Recommended Tanzania safari itineraries are 7 days budget camping safaris, wildlife safaris 6 days Tanzania, 5 days adventure Tanzania safari, 4 days Wildlife tours to Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro crater. Tanzania safari 10 to 12 days is Leisure Tanzania safari which combines wildlife viewing tours, culture masai tribe villages to see Maasai culture, sightseeing tours and photographic safaris.

Kilimanjaro routes recommended to ascent Kilimanjaro summit are Machame route, Rongai, Lemosho and Northern circuit. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and camping safaris are famous outdoor sport activities in Tanzania. Kilimanjaro trekking adventures last minute booking for 2016 and 2017 are available on Machame, Rongai and Lemosho. Last minute Kilimanjaro climbing tours are Machame route 6 days Kili climb, Machame route 7 days Kilimanjaro trekking, Rongai route 6 days hike Kilimanjaro and Lemosho route 7 days Ascent.

Machame route Kilimanjaro climbing travel deal at
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Getting to Tanzania travel tips

When travelling to Tanzania for safari vacation or trekking Kilimanjaro can consider these travel tips

Visitor information include seasonal discount airfares from International Airlines,health travel tips, acclimatization, Mountaineering travel tips, VISA application, Hotel reservations, cheap flight tickets booking, Currency used in Tanzania and Mode of payments. Where payments by Credit cards is done, 5% surcharge applies. As technology grows, vacation holiday and adventure booking can be finalized by Credit Card payment through Secure online systems such as Payoneer and Skill. Payoneer is online payment and does not require sign up.

Payoneer more information

Skrill need simple sign up, less than 10 minutes and then verification follows. Laws of anti money laundering is well observed.

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Magari ya kuuza bei rahisi, buy cheap cars, Cheap cars for sale

Cars for sale, buy cheap cars. Magari ya kuuza bei rahisi, nunua magari

Nunua magari kwa bei rahisi, agiza gari mpya

Buy New cars, import cheap cars

Trust and guarantee cheap cars for all budget levels

Magari bei rahisi, magari mazuri ya kuaminika

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Planen Safari in Afrika, Urlaub und Kilimanjaro Klettern in Tansania müssen Reisetipps aktualisieren

Budget Tansania Safaris, Wildlife Touren 4 x 4 Pirschfahrten und Kilimanjaro Klettertouren

Reisetipps und Tourismus Bewertungen für African Safaris buchen, Urlaubsplanung und Kilimanjaro Klettertouren zur Verfügung.

Kurze Kontakte Informationen zu erhalten.


Skype: k.tanzanitesafaris

Sie benötigen Informationen über Ziel Mount Kilimanjaro? Wenn Sie ernsthaft für Kilimanjaro perfekten Erfolg Wanderung planen, fragen Sie dann für eine zuverlässige aktuelle Informationen

Kilimanjaro Wettervorhersage und welche Kletterräder Sie benötigen, Wetter hilft auch beste Weg, um zu entscheiden, sich zu akklimatisieren.

Kilimanjaro Routen Informationen sind detaillierte Informationen über Fakten über jede Route Kilimanjaro und Kilimanjaro Routen vergleichen.

Wie viel kostet es, Kilimanjaro zu besteigen, jede Form Kilimanjaro Route verschiedene unabhängige Reisepaket . Beispiel Machame Route 6 Tage komplette Reisepaket . Preis Kosten insbesondere Kilimanjaro Route oder Reisepaket variieren je nach Anzahl der Personen pro Buchung und die Dauer des Kilimanjaro Route.

Guides Informationen sind wichtig, das Profil der Führer, der Reisen nach Kilimanjaro Routen führt sind auf Anfrage erhältlich. Normalerweise werden alle Bergführer müssen gut ausgebildet und zertifiziert, um internationale Touristen zu führen.

Mahlzeiten und Kilimanjaro Menü, gibt es spezialisierte Koch, die aus Vegetarisch verschiedenen Arten von Mahlzeiten zubereitet kontinentale Gerichte.

Reiseveranstalter und DMC, die Kilimanjaro-Touren bietet, KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS Co.Ltd bietet Qualität Kilimanjaro Touren und hohe Erfolgsraten zu Gipfel. Tourist Testimonials und Reiseberichte hilft Ihnen, zuverlässige Reisegesellschaft wählen. Einige Touristen schreiben Bewertungen auf Tripadvisor und anderen Touristen kontaktiert werden kann. Jetzt die besten Bewertungen auf Tripadvisor überprüfen und setzen Sie Ihre Safaris oder Kilimanjaro Aufstieg mit Kilimanjaro Tansania buchen.

Wildlife Safaris Tansania Reise Bewertung bei Tripadvisor

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Reisebericht auf Tripadvisor

Safari Buchungspläne benötigen Informationen über Wildlife Safari Destinationen, Standard von Safari-Lodges, Safaricamps und Saison für Safaris. Tansania Safaris verwendet 4 x 4-Rad-Antrieb Spiel Safaris für Wildlife-Touren in den Nationalparks und Ngorongoro Krater. Safari Auto verwendet wird, ist 4 x 4-Rad-Land Cruiser, Komfort und gut gepflegt.

Kurze Kontakte Informationen zu erhalten.


Skype: k.tanzanitesafaris

Old Money currency business and Travel tips for Tanzania safari at Maasai Curio Market Arusha

Maasai Curio Market sales crafts, Tanzanite and Old Money currency business.

Old Money coins and Tanzania notes.

East Africa money since German Colonial and British Colonial is available for sell in Arusha Masai curio shopping. Old money coils and notes are available since before independence of Tanganyika and during Mwalimu Nyerere era.

When tourists book Tanzania safari for watching wildlife mammals, reptiles, birds and wilderness natural landscapes, it is easier to access curio products for gifts at Maasai market curio and crafts. Travel tips and tourism review about Tanzania safari booking, Hotel reservations, cheap flights booking and cheap hostels is provided by professional Travel Consultant in Arusha and Local Google Guide.

Inquire now, email:

Skype: k.tanzanitesafaris

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Climbing Kilimanjaro and Tanzania safaris Video trips - http://www.kilit...

Budget Tanzania safari travel deals are available at Tanzania safari marketplace online booking. Travel Market place provides several travel tips and booking options with travel packages which fits every pocket budget. 7 days 6 nights safaris Tanzania, 6 days budget camping safaris, 4 days wildlife safaris and 6 days Kilimanjaro climb Machame route are most favorite travel deals booked

Monday, April 11, 2016

Planning African safaris, holidays and Kilimanjaro climbing in Tanzania need update travel tips

Travel tips and tourism review on African safaris booking, planning holidays and Kilimanjaro climbing trips is available.

Quick contacts to get information.


Skype: k.tanzanitesafaris

Do you need information about destination Mount Kilimanjaro? If you are seriously planning for perfect success Kilimanjaro trek, then ask for reliable current information

Kilimanjaro weather forecast and what climbing gears you need, weather also helps to decide best way to acclimatize.

Kilimanjaro routes information is detailed information about facts about each Kilimanjaro route and compare Kilimanjaro routes.

How much does it cost to climb Kilimanjaro, each Kilimanjaro route form different independent travel package. Example, Machame route 6 days is complete travel package. Price cost of particular Kilimanjaro route or travel package vary depending on number of people per booking and duration of Kilimanjaro route.

Guides information is important, profile of guide who leads trips to Kilimanjaro routes are available on request. Usually all Mountain guides must be well trained and certified to guide international tourists.

Meals and Kilimanjaro menu, there are specialist cook which prepared different types of meals from Vegetarian to continental meals.

Tour Operators and DMC which offers Kilimanjaro tours, KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS Co.Ltd provides quality Kilimanjaro tours and high success rates to summit. Tourist testimonials and travel reviews helps you to choose reliable travel company. Some tourists write reviews on TripAdvisor and other tourists can be contacted. Now check best reviews at TripAdvisor and continue booking your safaris or Kilimanjaro climb with Kilimanjaro Tanzania.

Wildlife safaris Tanzania trip review at TripAdvisor

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro trip report at TripAdvisor

Safari booking plans need information about wildlife safari destinations, standard of safari lodges, safari camps and season for safaris. Tanzania safaris uses 4 x 4 wheel game drive safaris for wildlife tours in the National Parks and Ngorongoro crater. Safari car used is 4 x 4 wheel Landcruiser, comfort and well maintained.

Quick contacts to get information.


Skype: k.tanzanitesafaris

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Car hire Arusha, house vacation rental, hotels booking and budget travel

Hotels booking, houses for rent, Car hire and budget travel tips are provided.

Vacation rental available in Arusha include apartments for rent, volunteer hostels, Expatriates houses for rent and Hotels information. Real Estate agency in Arusha Tanzania provides real estate properties for rent and real estate properties for sale. Houses for sell, land for sale, land plots for sale, land farms for sale, Hotel investment land, safari lodges land for sale, agriculture land for sell and houses for sell are real estate properties available for Capital business money investment. Houses for rent options include furnished house for rent and Non furnished houses for tenants. Real Estate Mortgages are available from several Banks. Real Estate properties with lease and title deed get bank loans easily for all mortgages.

Cheap car hire is available from Arusha Travel agency. Car hire options include car hire for Airport transfers, conference transport and car hire for sightseeing tours. It is possible to rent a car for wildlife safaris Tanzania. It is needed 4 x 4 WHEEL safari car like Land cruiser and Landrovers. Self drive car hire are available but limited while Car rent with professional driver guide is more convenient. Car hire with Driver guide is perfect deal to enjoy your Tanzania safari holiday because Driver takes all challenges on the road. Tanzania roads have many corners, are rough, some places roads are dust and pit holes.

Hotels vary in standard and prices, how ever travel tips helps tourists to know more about Hotels in Arusha to book. Hostels are useful to volunteers to afford. Budget hostels and cheap hotels helps tourists and expatriates to stay safely in Arusha.

Send email or Chat Skype:


Skype: k.tanzanitesafaris

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Travel tips are useful when visiting Arusha for safari booking,car hire and joining group on Kilimanjaro scheduled departure dates

Tourists arriving to Arusha need travel tips about hotels and Kilimanjaro treks joining groups tour plans.

Airport transfers are provided at cheap car hire rates. Airport transfers from Kilimanjaro International Airport IATA code JRO. Even Airport pick up at late time when Turkish Airlines Arrivals are provided. Tourism is economy industry protected by Government by enhancing security and hence safety is assured during late night Airport transfers when Turkish Airlines arrival and departures. These are useful tourism information and travel tips you can know. Car hire price cost options for Airport transfers vary depending on number of people. If number of people is 4 or more, Mini Bus car is recommended to provide more rooms for seats and luggage bags.

Communicate by Email or CHAT live on Skype:


Skype: k.tanzanitesafaris

Last minute booking travel deals and group joining for scheduled departure dates on existing groups is available for budget camping safaris and Kilimanjaro group joining climbing to summit. Budget camping is adventure travel lifestyle whereby tourists use basic tented camps and sleep in public campsites inside National parks or nearby Safari Lodges town like Karatu or Mto Wa Mbu. Public campsites in Mto wa Mbu near Lake Manyara, Tarangire and Karatu are wonderful places for outdoor travel accommodation. Budget Camping safari is kind of outdoor travel lifestyle and cheapest wildlife safaris Tanzania.

Group joining booking Kilimanjaro tours are available on Machame route, Rongai and Lemosho.Budget price costs to climb mount Kilimanjaro are possible when you book in advance. Private guided Kilimanjaro trekking are organized. Discount price costs to climb Kilimanjaro are provided.

Travel tips in Moshi and Arusha also include Free guide Maps. Arusha Guide Maps are provided for free and helps to know hotel locations, hostels places and how to book. Hotel rates vary from cheap hostels, moderate hotels to luxury hotels.

Quick contacts to get information.


Skype: k.tanzanitesafaris

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House for rent Arusha, get vacation rental in Tanzania Njiro House for rent at AGM near PPF estates

Real Estate Property vacation rental include 3 bedroom for rent in AGM PPF NJiro Arusha Tanzania.

Rent a 3 bedroom house Plus attached room which make total 4 bedrooms. Location of house is superb with good safety neighborhood. House for rent has fenced wall and security gate. Has large garden, big car park and garden has green lawn with shade trees. Expatriates, Business people, International NGOs staff and Diplomats can rent top quality residential house in Njiro Tanzania at PPF estates AGM.

Room of the house are spacious and large. Rooms have wardrobe for clothes and window curtain are great.Sitting room is large and dining is big as well.

Real Estate Marketing Agency in Tanzania provides real estates properties for rent and real estates properties for sale such as Apartment for rent, houses for sale, Land plots for sale, Farm land for sale and vacation holiday bookings.

Make appointment to see above house and more house for rent in Arusha. Houses for rent are available in Burka area, tanapa area, Cultural heritage area, Sakina, Olorien area,Uzunguni, Moshono and Njiro.


Phone: +255784559111

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Vacation holidays rent, home for rent and houses for rent Tanzania Arusha

Houses for rent real estate in Arusha deals with vacation holidays rent and home for rent

Vacation rent properties include hostels, budget hotels, backpackers vacation rental, home for rent, houses for rent. Real Estate Properties for rent suitable for expatriates, tourists, safari goers and backpackers are available.

There houses for rent full furnished and unfurnished houses. Below is one of beautiful houses for rent in Tanzania.

Big garden and large car park, shade car park

Moving to Arusha? Diplomats and expatriates moving to Arusha can get suitable beautiful home for rent.

For more information about home rent, houses for rent and vacation holiday stays, contact us below:


Phone: +255784559111

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Travel tips tourism information At Google Maps Andrew Travel Home

Travel home Agents is not new term in developed countries like USA, Canada and Europe, like wise Andrew Travel Home is Holidays resource portal for Travel tips about Arusha Day trips tours and Tanzania safari bookings.

Tanzania safari booking includes adventures and leisure tours as well. Adventure travel include hot air balloon safaris Serengeti, Hiking Ngorongoro highlands, Mount Meru climbing, Helicopter flights, Yearly event Kilimanjaro Marathon,horse riding and Kilimanjaro trekking. Leisure tours include wildlife safaris, lodge safaris, luxury tented camping safaris, budget camping safaris and Tanzania safari booking trips. Travel tips include information about hotels in Arusha and how to book cheap flight tickets.

Andrew Travel Home on Google Maps is found and accessible easily. Tourists can find and book Tanzania safaris and Kilimanjaro trekking.

Browse Andrew Travel Homme