Moshi - Tanzania travel tips on flights,hotels and lodges

Moshi Tanzania, northern circuit.

Moshi is the town is situated on the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro on Northern part of Tanzania.Moshi hotels are a hub for tourists who are either going to Mt Kilimanjaro or are heading to Tanzania game parks for wildlife safaris.

Moshi town is a base for climbing Kilimanjaro trips, all climbing Kilimanjaro plans are held here. Also Travelers wish to do purchase Tanzania safaris, or join group for wildlife safaris can get many travel options there. There are camping safaris, lodges safaris or budget safaris also known as fly camping.

Apart from safari or Kilimanjaro holidays in Moshi town and you can also make a trip to the coffee auction that is held here.Outside Moshi town, at Moshi outskirts there are villages there and coffee plantations, banana farms. While you are in Moshi you will interact mostly with mountain climbing guides and local people. Most Kilimanjaro climbing guides were born at Kilimanjaro slopes, educated and well trained for guiding tourists for Kilimanjaro trekking.
International Tourists can reach Moshi town through Kilimanjaro International Airport, JRO.

Distance from Kilimanjaro Airport – KIA to Moshi town is about 40kms. Several Airlines fly to Kilimanjaro Airport such as KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Condor Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, Charter Airlines, Private Jets and also local Airlines like Precision Air and Fly540 connect tourists which arrive in Dar es salaam Julius Nyerere Airport. International Airlines which arrives at Dar es salaam International Airport are Emirates, Air Oman, British Airways, Egypt Air, South African Airlines.

Also Tourists coming to Tanzania can land to Nairobi at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, JKIA. Some tourists decide to arrive in Nairobi if they get cheap flight tickets deals.Distance from JKIA to Nairobi is about 17 kms.
Airlines which land in Nairobi are KLM, British Airways, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Emirate Airline, Egypt Air, South African Airlines.

Flight ticket prices vary from Airlines to Airlines and whether which Airport it lands, season of tourism in a particular country and other small factors.
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Hotels and Lodges in Moshi.
The standard of accommodation in Moshi varies from Budget to Luxury Hotels and Lodges.
Accommodations also vary from Lodges, Hostels and Hotels.

Hotels, Hostels and Lodges vary from Budget to Luxury.

Budget Hotels are:
  • Bristol Cottages
Bristol Cottages is located in Moshi on the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro - the starting point of climbers to the rooftop of Africa! Five minutes away from the centre of town, we are perfectly located for easy access to nearby restaurants, coffee shops, bars and convenience stores.
  • Buffalo Hotel
  • Keys Hotels
  • Kilimanjaro Crane Hotels
  • Kindoroko Hotels
  • YMCA International
  • Uhuru Hostel (Lutheran Hostel)
  • Luxury Hotels are:
  • Kilemakyaro Hotel
  • Ameg Hotel
  • Salsalnero Hotel