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Flights from Brazil to Kilimanjaro Airport for African safaris

Brazil is located in South America and International flight is important.

Travelers from Brazil can get several International Airlines to fly to Africa.Tourists from Brazil can fly to Tanzania and arrive in Kilimanjaro Airport or Dar es salaam Airport.

Several Travel Agents book cheap flight tickets from Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paolo to Kilimanjaro International Airport. Kilimanjaro International Airport JRO is the gateway to Tanzania tourist destinations in Northern circuit. Tourist destinations include Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National park and Ngorongoro Crater. Things to do for Tourists include Climbing kilimanjaro trips, wildlife safaris Tanzania, cultural tourism and canoeing tours.

Travel from Sao Paolo and Rio De Janeiro to Tanzania is easier and cheap flights are available.

Cheap flight ticket Sao Paolo to Kilimanjaro International Airport

Vacation packages and adventure travel available for Tourists from Brazil include wildlife safaris, climbing mount kilimanjaro packages, Tropical beach holidays and cultural Tourism.

Departing from Sao Paolo Brazil to Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania, cheap tickets and reliable flight.International flights from South America to Tanzania.

German, Switzerland, Austria and Russia are people who like adventure travel like mountain climbing, camping safaris.

To make complete vacation holiday and adventure travel, international flight from Europe to Tanzania is important.

Turkish Airlines through star Alliance make cheap flight deals connecting world destinations to Kilimanjaro airport. There are budget hotels near kilimanjaro Airport.

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd is a Tour Operator which makes all inclusive vacation holidays and adventure travel deals in Africa.



P.O BOX 16010


Tel: +255786694004


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Website monetization, Text link adverts, Publishers

Make money online is the famous and home working or extra time self employment.

People spend their extra time or holiday time to make money online. Website and Blog owners can make extra money by selling text link advertisements by becoming publisher.

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Travel websites, tours websites, vacation packages websites, travel deals,mountain climbing, trekking, travel agents, hotel websites, car hire websites and service consultant websites make money by publishing adverts.

Affiliate marketing is different from Text link adverts. Affiliate marketing works based on number of clicks or visitors your website gets. Affiliate marketing also works based on how much visitors purchase from lead resulting from your websites, so more leads gets more cash. While text link adverts works based on rank of website. The website with high google rank or alexa ranking will get more value. Text link adverts value is payment per Month or per year.

There are many platforms for Advertisers and Publishers to meet and one of them is MAGENET. This is very reliable online money making platform.

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Travel writer consultancy, tourist destinations and photographer

Travel writers for tourist destinations and photographers for natural attractions.

Tanzania wildlife safaris, Kilimanjaro climb

Professional travel writer for African safari destinations. Tourist destinations discovery and market consultant. Writes articles for Public relations and online advertising. Content writing for your website and which conform to search engines such as Google Algorithm.

Expert Tour Operator - Travel consultancy.

Experienced travel writer for tourist articles for vacation holiday promotion and photographic film.

Discover african continent world wonders like national parks, game reserves, ngorongoro conservation area, mafia island beach, diving, coral reef, snorkelling, blue safaris zanzibar and more  across East Africa.

Contact me now for sample work and portifolio


Mobile phone: +255784811095

Tanzania wildlife safaris, Kilimanjaro climb

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Houses, Villas,Bungalow for sell Tanzania. Houses for rent, sale Arusha

Houses, Villa for rent,sale in Arusha Tanzania.

Houses, apartments and Villas for sell in Tanzania, Arusha city.

Buy well planned and built House,Villa in Arusha Northern tanzania. House with 4 bedroom, garden and fenced with gate.

Villa, Bungalow, Houses for rent in Arusha are available in all prime locations of Njiro, NJiro PPF AGM, Themi, Olorien near AICC estates, Uzunguni -Old Moshi road near CLock tower Arusha and Many Hotels, Government offices and more.

Furnished Houses or Houses without furniture are available. Cheap houses for rent which suits your budget. Budget Houses for rent ranges from 300 to 600 US $. You can get 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms - all houses for rent have garden, car park and fence.

News Houses for rent Arusha Tanzania  include House for rent in Sakina Silent inn, Arusha Meat, raskazone and Near Arusha technical- regional air.

News Houses for rent in Njiro are 3 houses for rent in AGM PPF and 2 Houses for rent in Nane Nane.

House for rent at Olerien is great Eco House. House has 4 bedrooms, big garden and big car park.

Andrew Safari Operator kilimanjaro climb tanzania

Rent Houses in Tanzania of various sizes like 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms and 5 bedroom Villas. Houses for rent can be furnished or without furniture.

Real estates properties in Arusha include Houses, Land plots and Villa for rent and sell.

* House for rent in Arusha, Njiro Tanzania at

House for sale located in Njiro ppf AGM, nice place and conducive environment.

Buy Villa or House in Njiro AGM PPF in Arusha Tanzania. Have a look on two pictures of House for sell in Njiro area, Arusha.

Also more houses are available for sell in Arusha areas like Njiro and Sakina Area on Nairobi Road.

We have 3 bedroom Houses for sell and 4 bedroom Villa for sale. Lets many choices of Houses in various locations of Arusha city and you choose and buy.

New Houses for sale in the real estate market are available. Several houses for sale has entered real estate market in Arusha. We have houses for sale in several places like Njiro Main Block C, PPF AGM House for sale, Sakina Silent inn House and Kwa idd House Sakina.

A - House for Sale in AGM PPF Arusha.

House for sale is available in Arusha. Buy a house which is suitable for Family home.

The house is within PPF area of Njiro. It has tittle deed, very big compound with parking that can accommodate up to 10 cars. It has a big modern kitchen, big sitting room and 4 bedrooms. It has servants quarter as well. There is running tap water.

Price Tsh.460, 000,000.

See some photos of this House for sell in Njiro PPF:

Interested to Buy House in Tanzania...!!!...??? Consult Estates Marketing and Housing Agent in Tanzania.

All services under One umbrella: offers rent houses, car hire, land plots for sale, farm lands and Tourism Investment like Travel websites for sell.

We have 2 bedroom Houses for rent in Arusha all areas, beautiful 3 bedroom Houses for rent in Tanzania.

Tanzania Houses for rent in Arusha we have also 4 bedrooms.

We also have apartments, full furnished and Villas for rent.

Contact us now: Email:-

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Tanzania safaris, camping safari tours, budget camping safaris

Camping safaris Tanzania

Tanzania budget camping safaris are among the most popular options of wilderness camping tours for visitors who want to explore Tanzania's National parks, game reserves and conservation areas like Ngorongoro.

Cheap affordable Tanzania safaris include budget camping safaris and backpacker lodge safaris. Safari itineraries preferred is 4 days, 5 days, 6 days and 7 days. Photographic safaris takes from 10 days, 12 days up to 18 days. Photographic safaris can also include Chimpanzee safaris, Gorilla tracking and walking safaris.

Budget camping safaris are most affordable Africa travel packages, last minute travel deals and offer comfortable African safari experience.
National parks with camping grounds and campsites in Tanzania are such as Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Serengeti.

Tanzania dudget Camping safari trips and Tanzania safari itinerary include 7 days or 6 days which enable tourists to visit National parks of Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.

Check 7 days tours in Tanzania

Inquire now,email us:

Combo tours also available and include below:

Climbing mount kilimanjaro and 6 days safari

Climbing kilimanjaro best choice is on Machame route and tours to Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.

Another combo can be Kilimanjaro trek, wildlife safari and beach holidays

Tanzania safari and beach holidays

Kilimanjaro climb and beach holiday in zanzibar island or mafia island

African travel, wildlife safaris, adventure travel, leisure tours, climbing kilimanjaro can be booked and pay by Credit Cards, through MONEYBOOKERS


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Bargain of mountain climbing trips, Kilimanjaro and Meru

Climbing mount kilimanjaro travel deals, kilimanjaro trekking expeditions.

YASNI - Social network from German 

Cost of climbing mount kilimanjaro differs from each kilimanjaro trekking route.Kilimanjaro trekking routes are machame route, rongai route, marangu route,umbwe and lemosho route.

Mountain trips booking climbing kilimanjaro adventures look for affordable travel packages and quality travel.

Kilimanjaro climbing trips Tanzania at

Reasons which make kilimanjaro climbing difference are choice of route, number of people and season.

Market price of climbing mount kilimanjaro provide by Several Travel Agents Overseas and Local Tour Operators are as follows:

6 days Kilimanjaro climb routes such as Machame route, Rongai route, Marangu route and Umbwe route.

Price of climbing mount kilimanjaro starts from 1200 US $ per person.

Hiking kilimanjaro can vary depending number of people and group of 4 or more lowers price.

Climbing kilimanjaro with Local Tour Operator is a bit cheap and you can negotiate price. COntact Local Tour Operator and bargain price of climb kilimanjaro tour.

Lemosho route takes 7 days and price is 1670 US $ per person.

International flight price can make the whole vacation holiday cheap and hence affordable.

You can contact KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS LTD, recommended local Tour Operator and its repute grows because of quality services and testimony from past client references. Check their Machame route for kilimanjaro trekking or any other route.

Contact them and bargain now for climbing mount kilimanjaro adventure trips

Email for inquiries:

Several Airlines have introduced direct flights to Tanzania and especially to Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Qatar Airline launched direct flights from Kilimanjaro Airport connecting to over 100 destinations in the world. These brings competition in the Airline Industry and hence price lowers.

KLM - Royal dutch airlines have increased direct flights twice a day to Kilimanjaro airport. This makes available cheap flights and hence meet budget of most travelled.

In near future more airlines will land to Kilimanjaro and hence making Mount Kilimanjaro more famous.

Budget Airline will start new route in Tanzania and later kenya.

Read more on cheap flights and Budget Airline

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Travel packages, Vacation holidays

Vacation holidays, group tours, travel packages, cheap tours, budget camping safaris

Andrew Safari Operator kilimanjaro climb tanzania

Tourists can get discounts on vacations and travel packages when book flights, hotels, wildlife safaris, climbing Kilimanjaro trips, Zanzibar beach holidays and cars rentals together. Cheap Travel deals are available like camping safaris, backpacker travel deals and beach holidays.

Travel deals and Group travel packages available are climbing mount kilimanjaro, wildlife safaris, camping safaris, kilimanjaro trekking and beach holidays.

Mountain climbing in Tanzania is most active adventure travel and attract many mountaineers from across worldwide.Tours available and pay by Credit Card online through MONEYBOOKERS.


Mount Kilimanjaro is most famous mountain recognized internationally, common understanding is that Mount Kilimanjaro was one of 14 candidates of new 7 wonders of world.


Choose which kilimanjaro climbing route, best weather months like December, January, February and March. Also From July to October are better.


KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS LTD has reputable guides and also check testimonies from past clients/tourists.

The Importance of Mount kilimanjaro was known for long time as Highest mountain in Africa and largest free standing mountain in the world. First European to climb kilimanjaro was Hans Meyer and Ludwig.

Mount Kilimanjaro is selected to enter voting campaign for New 7 world natural wonders of Africa. Other natural attractions in Tanzania are Wildebeest migration Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.  Ngorongoro conservation area and Serengeti are World Heritage sites and best game parks in Africa for wildlife safaris.

Highest mountain ranges in the world are called 7 summits and Kilimanjaro is one of them.

Climbing kilimanjaro Tanzania safaris

Tourists climbing kilimanjaro are sure 100 safety, success and maximum comfort.

For all-inclusive beach holidays, last-minute deals, travel deals and vacation packages contact KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS CO.LTD. Vacation packages are for family vacations, romantic travel, group tours, honeymooners other cheap vacations and trips in Tanzania and East African Safaris. Find cheap and discount travel deals, wildlife safaris, climbing mount Kilimanjaro, camping safaris, backpacker lodge safaris, budget camping safaris, flights and hotels that meet your budget.

Tourists can inquire, compare and book Travel deals on flights, Tanzania safaris, Kilimanjaro trekking, mafia island beach, mafia island beach resorts, car hire, safari lodges, hotels, vacation packages, cruises and local & entertainment deals too. Join millions of travelers who already used KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS CO.LTD.
Planning and information of vacation holidays in Tanzania, leisure travel and beach holidays.

Browse Travel Packages that brings you a selection of cheap holiday packages, honeymoon packages, group tours, family travel, tour packages, climbing Kilimanjaro, car hire, Fly In Packages, holiday tours, safari package.

Our word to welcome you is “we have no argument with competitors who charge less (cheapest). They realize what their services are worth. Our Vacation holidays and Travel packages are quality value to your money!!”

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Eastern Cape Safaris & Safari Tours - Malaria Free Safari |

Eastern Cape Safaris & Safari Tours - Malaria Free Safari |

South Africa wildlife safaris and mountain climbing.

Hotel reservations and flights booking.

cheap flights, budget car hire tanzania.

Drakensberg and table mountain climbing, rock climbing, trekking adventure sports

Tanzania vacation holidays, wildlife safaris and climbing mount kilimanjaro.GUIDES ON HOW TO BOOK KILIMANJARO TRIPS

Adverts, text link adverts for Lodges, Tourist Hotels, Car hire, Airlines and Travel Agents, Tour Operators.

SEO Marketing Consultancy for text link adverts and Banners

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Travel tips, Safaris,hotels,kilimanjaro climbing and Travel information about Tanzania: Tanzania safaris budget travel southern circuit safaris selous, ruaha, mikumi

Travel tips, Safaris,hotels,kilimanjaro climbing and Travel information about Tanzania: Tanzania safaris budget travel southern circuit safaris selous, ruaha, mikumi

Southern circuit safaris tanzania trips, tours to selous game reserve, udzungwa, ruaha and mikumi national parks.

Budget camping safari trips on Selous and ruaha available, 6 days wildlife safaris.

Lodge safari to selous game reserve, ruaha, mikumi and mikumi national parks.

Budget travel packages available, backpackers travel can be organised to meet budget of any travel group. is For Sale on Flippa!

southern circuit safaris selous, ruaha, mikumi, udzungwa on Tanzania safaris budget travel

Safari tours to selous game reserve, udzungwa, ruaha and mikumi national parks southern circuit tanzania

Budget travel packages southern circuit safaris Tanzania.

Southern circuit tanzania safaris is adventure travel tours to selous game reserve, udzungwa, ruaha and mikumi national parks.

This is a Tanzania safari budget trip which includes game drives, wildlife viewing, walking safaris, bird watching and canoeing safaris.

Safari tour to mikumi, ruaha, uzdungwa national parks and selous game reserve takes 10 days and tourists experience tanzania wildlife safaris, natural wilderness and real bush safaris.

Budget camping safaris, Lodge safaris and cheap lodge safaris in Southern safaris packages are available.

10 days tanzania safaris luxury tented camps is real african safari experience.

Check this and book direct with travel agency.


Choose between Camping and Lodge safaris, compare and indicate your budget now.

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Volunteer worldwide, Tanzania volunteer

Volunteer in Africa.
Africa is a continent with many natural resources and high population. There are many activities that can be done based on economy, healthy, education, social, cultural, environmental sectors.
Volunteers can work in Africa on any sector helping communities and gain wide experience.

Volunteerism is the tendency of people giving themselves for free to work to help communities. This applies mostly to college students or activists. College students upon completion of their professional studies would like to gain skills for future working experience.

Volunteer have benefits to community as well as to those who are volunteering. Many students and activities seek volunteering opportunities in Africa especially in Tanzania. Tanzania is best choice of Volunteers because of nature of country. First of all, some of reasons are Tanzania political stability, Tanzania hospitality, rich of natural resources, tourist destinations and much more.
In Tanzania Volunteers can volunteer on education as teachers, environmental conservation to plant trees, health and hospitals as nurses and doctors and engineers.

Tanzania House for rent in Arusha City at

Accommodation for Volunteers is affordable; there are budget hostels, cheap hotels and wonderful travel opportunities.
Apart from Tanzania, Volunteers can go anywhere in the world to volunteer using below resources.
International Adventure Travel and Volunteer resource is useful to find volunteer destinations.

International Volunteer program association

Volunteer Abroad, worldwide volunteer opportunities

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top Tourist destination in 2012, Tanzania is one of them

Tanzania top tourist destinations worldwide

Tanzania is proved to be world top tourist destination.

Tourists planning their next vacation holiday in Africa have a best choice, this is Tanzania.

Adventure tours, travel packages, vacation holidays and things to do in Tanzania are wonderful.

Lonely planet, international travel guide with great repute indicated Tanzania as top 10 tourist destinations in 2011.


This is a result of suggestions and votes from tourists who visited tanzania, travel forums,tourism community and travel tips across the world.

Now Tanzania repute is still growing as more tourists and more news paper and travel magazines verifying it. This is New York times, provided top 45 places to go in 2012 and Tanzania is ranked no 7 out of 45, which means that Tanzania quality as Tourist destination is increasing internationally.



Tanzania travel tips, wildlife safaris, kilimanjaro climbing trips,trekking,hiking

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Disco, night clubs,hotel, Casino na sehemu za Starehe Arusha - Tanzania

Kwanza kabisa kazi ni muhimu ili kujipatia kipato.
Vacations, Travel & Adventures @ RealAdventures
Kazi na dawa, maana yake baada ya kazi kuburudika ni muhimu ili 'kurefresh mind'

Arusha ni jiji la kitalii, arusha ni kitovu cha utalii ambapo safari zote za kitalii hupangwa. Arusha pia ipo karibu na chanzo pekee cha madini ya Vito vya Tanzanite.

Hali ya hewa ya arusha ni nzuri sana kutokana na hewa nzuri inayotoka mlima meru.

Kulingana na shughuli za utalii, kilimo na madini mzunguko wa pesa ni mkubwa na hivyo watu wanakipato cha kuridhisha. Pia huduma za kibenki na taasisi za mikopo ni nyingi. Kuna bank zenye kutoa Credit card, na debit card za kimataifa kama VISA na mastercard.

Barclays Bank, CRDB bank, EXIM bank na NBC TANZANIa zinaongoza kwa kutoa VISA na Mastercard.

Arusha kuna Hotel za kitalii, kumbi za starehe, casino na disco.

Hotel ziko nyingi kuanzia nyota 1 na 2 ambazo ni budget,nyota 3, na 4 ni kawaida na nyota 5 ni luxury kabisa.

Hotel chache zina casino kama New Arusha Hotel na Mount Meru Hotel.

Night club pub zipo za babylon club na Pin point.

Kumbi za disco ni masai camp, boogaloo, Aquiline club, na triple A.

Wageni na wenyeji hujumuika kwa amani, karibu sana Arusha.

Accommodations, Vacations, Rentals, Adventure Travel, Tours & Getaways @ RealAdventures

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Hotel marketing and Travel company online marketing, internet, search engines google

Marketing for Tour Companies and accommodation is very important.

Vacations, Travel & Adventures @ RealAdventures

Tourism, Hospitality and Travel industry depends internet marketing for more than 50%. Hospitality industry is a business which is profitable and contribute to economy of most african countries.

Niche markets for Travel company varies depending on budget, type of vacation holiday, things to do and accommodation standard.

Most clients for Tour Operators are Tourists from Europe, USA, ASiA and Russia. Online marketing by using internet is convenient way which is affordable and feasible. Internet marketing reach many people at in short time and low cost. Search engines and Travel directory are media pool where holiday buyers search for ideal travel packages and vacation holidays to meet their interests.

Most famous Search engines are like,,,alta vista,alexa, aol and more. Travel directory include Tripatlas, infohub and more.

When tourists search for Travel company or Tour Company like any Tour Operator, search results first list will be for those Travel company who have made online marketing in the internet. Those travel links and search engines linked with Tour Company is called Search engine Optimization.

Website development is a part of e marketing, and e commerce may be incorporated as part of online marketing. E-marketing and e-commerce as essential practices for modern tour operators website. Tour Operators,Travel Agents,conference coordinators Travel Agencies, Hotels and Lodges get clients through website. Website should be available in Top search engines and Travel Directories. Web masters and seo experts should optimize search key words for the services and products they offer. Search engine optimization, google adwords, text link adverts can be used at same time or only one. Google adwords and text link adverts are usually applied for big, mature tour companies, conference coordinators,tour operators,vacation holiday organisers, travel agents, travel agencies,hotels and lodges.

In the travel websites, tips helpful for visitors can be posted to help become aware to the tourist destination. Tanzania travel tips is rarely known, how ever some travel consultants have started blogs for information. This blogs provide tour travel tips for vacation holidays destination on africa and worldwide destinations.
Vacation holidays and hospitality industry depends on internet marketing to help tourists book online vacation packages, and organise conference meetings.

Accommodation properties like Hotels, resorts and Lodges choice is also important for Tourists. How ever it is a challenge for those Hotels, resorts and Lodges owner to make sure they are seen by Tourists when they search for accommodation. That is where importance of hotel marketing, optimizing lodge websites and online marketing for resorts.

SEO expert in Arusha makes online marketing possible. Online marketing consultant can make all your internet marketing plans, budget and proved results will be seen.

COntact now and discuss:

For any conference meetings in Tanzania and arusha particularly contact Andrew Mathias.